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Common symptoms of bipolar disorder in adults


Bipolar disorder is regarded as a serious condition that causes a major shift in mood swings, thinking and alterations to the persons’ behavior. Patients may also suffer from low depression to extreme severe mania when diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But, there are no clear indications of the level the disorder might affect a person.

Bipolar disorder has been categorized under bipolar I and bipolar II. In spite of all these, medical experts are still unable to identify the potential causes of the disorder. Besides, bipolar disorder may occur during the teenage years or early adulthood.


One of the common symptoms of bipolar disorder in adults is that patients will often experience poor judgment and low self esteem. Other behavior patterns like euphoria and extreme optimism may also illustrate that the person is suffering from the disorder. Moreover, when the patient is disturbed or being irritated they might react violently in some cases. Similarly, people with bipolar disorders will engage in activities like excessive drinking, sexual behavior, hasty financial decisions, loss in concentration, decreased need for sleep, psychosis, and so on. It can be said that all of these symptoms are quite apparent with mixed maniac.

The feeling of sadness, being abandoned and sleep disorders are some other common symptoms of bipolar disorder in adults. In few cases, the patients might have suicidal thoughts, as well as irritability, anxiety and feel guilty without any relevant reasons. Also, bipolar disorder symptoms can be seasonal wherein a person might experience drastic mood swings erratically throughout the year. Psychosis can be another possible indication of the disorder where the patient is detached from reality and suffer from delusions and hallucinations.

In brief, a person with any of these symptoms needs a lot of support from close ones and the right kind of treatment from a licensed psychiatrist.